Basic Administration Package


The basic package is designed for those with a very simple SMSF who are looking for a cost-effective solution

What is Included

  • Annual Statutory Requirements
    • Annual Financial Statements
    • Capital Gains Tax Records
    • Annual Tax Return
    • Annual Audit
    • Documentation and Paperwork
    • Process ASIC Annual Return for Corporate Trustee
    • Minutes of Meetings
  • Support from a Dedicated Client Manager
  • Access to our Dashboard Reporting
    • Including Daily Valuation of data fed assets


  • Unlimited data fed investments (i.e. assets that provide transaction information electronically).
    • Please note Stapled Securities are regarded as Manual Assets even where they provide information electronically.
  • One property investment.

Note – Our requirement is that you provide us with the information in relation to any property asset on a timely basis.

How much does it Cost?

The Standard Fee is based on the Assets held by the SMSF at the start of the year

  • Up to $1 mill $1,980 inc GST
  • From $1 mill $2,640 inc GST
  • Over $2 mill $3,290 inc GST

What is not included in the Standard Fee

The standard fee is designed to cover the administration of most SMSFs. However, we recognise that not everybody’s fund is the same. Therefore, there are some items that will only be charged if your fund requires them to be completed:

  • Property borrowing arrangement – LRBA
  • If you want access to information updated monthly or quarterly on your property investment.
  • New Pension/Pension Commutation/Lump Sum Payments/Rollovers initiated by us

Note 1 – the Basic Administration Package is not available for SMSF’s that have Pension Accounts.

Note 2 – does not include SMSF’s with Manual Assets other than one property.

Note 3 – if your investments don’t meet the requirements set out above, you will need to move to the Essential Administration Package. Please note that this does not cover funds that have Pension’s.

Who is this recommended for?

  • The Basic Administration Package is recommended for those who have simple assets as set out above and have a financial adviser who advises you on your overall strategies and monitors your compliance requirements.

Note – In the current landscape around SMSFs, we believe that it is essential that, in addition to looking after the administration, every SMSF needs to monitor their compliance with the regulations and have access to strategic advice from a licenced financial advisor.