Looking for a Property Investment with a guaranteed return where all the work is done for you. Great property, great location, finance approved, tax savings for you, everything is looked after for you. You can even use a self managed super fund and you won’t need any of your own money. Sound too good to be true? Well it probably is.

We have seen a lot of our clients being approached by “Property Investment Specialists” to help them create wealth for the future by setting them up with a property investment. There can be some great advantages in investing in property, but make sure you do your homework before committing yourself to anything.

Too often these “investment opportunities” are little more than a marketing ploy to sell the properties. The promoter of the scheme is only going to get paid if you invest and that means that you are unlikely to be receiving truly independent financial advice. Remember, your personal situation will have an impact on the effectiveness of the investment and there may be tax advantages in structuring the investment in a particular way.

If you get such an approach, contact our office at ATM Consultants Pty Ltd, and we can review the proposal for you. We have the tools to analyse the proposition, and we can highlight the major risk factors and the key elements to look for to maximise the investment in your situation. We will analyse which entity should own the property ie, should it be one partner, joint owners, a family trust or maybe a self managed super fund. If you need the assistance of other experts, such as solicitors, finance or quantity surveyors, we have a network of professionals that we have used before and we can refer to one of those. We don’t receive any commissions or referral fees because we think it is important that you receive sound independent advice.

Let us know if you have had a phone approach lately, or maybe you have been to a seminar.